As an author, one of my many privileges is bringing stories to life.  My ultimate objective is to create a reading experience that kids and families will enjoy.  Some elements that I use in creating and presenting stories include:

Children love music!  In their eyes, music is magical, wonderful, and captivating. They enjoy singing, dancing, and listening to the sounds and beats of music.

Beautiful Pictures

There is a saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  For children, visualization and pictures are imperative for bringing stories to life.  As the young mind develops, pictures express many words and phrases becoming its own language. So pick a book that will pull your child into the story visually.

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Play Dates and Other Tales is a subsequent book for kids ages 2 to 7. The stories in this book are entitled YOU, Many Colors, Number Chant, and Play Dates.  Learn more

Ocean Waves and Other Tales, designed for ages newborn to 5, is a multicultural book comprised of four short stories: Ocean Waves, I Am Loved, Baby Bear, and I'm Sleepy. Learn more

My Soul/African American Spirituals : Embracing the Journey (June 2013) - Hardcover only  

My Soul/African American Spirituals: Embracing the Journey is a family-oriented book which honors the legacy of spirituals and symbolizes struggle, perseverance, strength, faith, hope, and freedom.  Learn more

Yummy Healthy Tasties in My Tummy is a very unique, fun, and educational book for children. Mixed with beautiful illustrations and tasty food images, this book helps children learn about different foods in their natural state and the many ways those foods can be eaten. To keep things exciting throughout the book, there is a catchy phrase for children to chant along the way.  To learn more and order books

Book reveals healthy delicious foods and how they can be eaten for young children ages two to eight and ways to discover the goodness in food

CHARLOTTE, North CarolinaAuthors Helen Hope Kimbrough and Cynthia Jackson have released a new children’s book on natural and healthy foods for young children. Yummy Healthy Tasties In My Tummy was inspired by seeing many children eat processed foods rather than enjoy the taste of natural foods. Both have come up with a unique way to make eating healthy fun, creative, and educational. Plus, they are encouraging families to invest and get involved on introducing their child to natural yummy healthy foods.. Read more on

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